<p>‘A Purple Heart’ has been turning heads and creating bass heavy beats that have been garnering recognition locally and internationally. After years of silently working in a dark cave on his diverse, ‘futurebass’ sounds, 2013 has forced APH into the spotlight. With a remix and edit catalogue to make you blush, APH has been turning out a concoction of twerk-bass-house-trappy-step remixes and originals. Most notably his remix of Flume’s “Sleepless” recently saw over 20,000 plays in a matter of weeks, catching ears and rave blog reviews from across the globe.</p><p>With a thirsty audience demanding more, APH has begun the marathon task of releasing his sea of originals. His latest track, ‘Hindsight’ debuted at #4 on Triple J unearthed and received a glowing nods from the blogisphere. Whether it’s being featured on FBi Radio, playing dark club or big room, A Purple Heart is definitely 2014’s “one to watch”.</p>
ManagementReuben Bradley
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